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Say Cheese!
Say Cheese!

Exactly why I never had a cellphone that I could call entirely my own is something that would defy the average person’s comprehension. In fact, I’m not very sure of the reason myself. Nevertheless,I finally decided to board the Vodafone Express, never you mind the detractors. <digression> At first I thought I’d give Virgin Mobile a spin — 50 paise calls and free SMSes (Conditions Apply, I know :])! — but the guy at the outlet obviously didn’t want me to</digression>. I had this Vodafone SIM which came free with Dad’s Nokia phone. Once I realized that it couldn’t possibly activate itself, it was duly transported to a Vodafone Store. Three days later, the world remained just as bleak. Mr Vodafone Store-Guy conceded defeat and I had to walk away with a new number (the kind that looks as if it’s been generated by a contorted random() function). Still, I was prepared to forgive Vodafone; I hadn’t, of course, banked on its complete refusal to let me do so. By next morning, it had somehow managed to activate a T2TVOICE pack (the existence of which Customer Service refused to acknowledge), Vodafone CRBT, CallerTunes (which by the way, I didn’t want, and even if I did, definitely not some weirdo Hindi song), as well as inquire about my experience of talking to Abhishek Kumar (no idea who that is). And now, despite having registered at the DND thing, it still keeps wanting to send me on train journeys(!) as well as make friends with ‘Anjali, Sonia, Kavita and a thousand others’ :S — seriously:

Har Gehre rishtey ki shuruwaat hoti hai dosti. To kya aap Anjali, Sonia, Kavita jaise hazaron doston main shaamil nahi hona chahenge? Dial 5512121@Rs2/min

LOL, really I mean, wth?!

Oh, and Facebook Chat seems to be continuing with its agenda of trying its level best to prevent people from actually being able to use it. They recently updated it with this new feature of being able hide yourself from certain Friend Lists (I dunno how it works with people featuring in multiple friend lists), but they just ended up making it even more unstable. Now, alongwith its ability to spontaneously diconnect people and make browsers weep every time there’s a new IM, it also does odd things when I try to appear online … or well, use it really.

N.B. Turning off all the Friend Lists brings back a tiny amount of sanity.

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