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Unspoken Verses
Weirdness lies within ... And so do all the internal organs ... But the real question is, is that statement of any consequence?
Yeah whatever…
Why is lotus the national flower? Why not roses and lilies? You can - why are you laughing? Oh, that's your ...
The Serious Butterfly
Life is worth living as long as there is a laugh in it
The written equivalent of a sneeze
Blog Description: Nil.
Little Lilac Cottage
Notes from daily life
This and That
a little bit of this. A little bit of that.
Wit beyond measure is (wo)man’s greatest treasure
Wit beyond measure is (wo)man's greatest treasure
Deadbrain Conversations
Either our brains are dead, or yours will be. [Hint: Replace ‘Either...or...’ with ‘...and...’]
Through a Kaleidoscope
Delicate Darlin’