Federer lost. Old news, I know, and already blogger about by most people, but I just couldn’t help saying it. It’s not as if I didn’t expect it, seeing Nadal’s superior form throughout the French Open, but 6-0? And the match wasn’t even fun.

I went to Om Book Shop with my sis yesterday. I haven’t been there too often since I’m rather partial to Mid Land (constant 20% discount!) but the poster “10-90% SALE” caught my eye (I’m not much of a shopper, but I like the word ‘SALE’, in fact, almost as much as ‘FREE’). There was a minimum 10% discount on all books, and some books had higher ones (upto 90% supposedly, although I only saw a 75). Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law has a bad habit of seeking attention, and none of the books I might possibly have bought had any good deals. Actually, none of the books I wanted were even there. There was this rather nice guitar tutorial book and I almost bought it before I remembered that my axe was broken (yes, I read that a guitar is fondly known as an ‘axe’).

One thing I didn’t like about the bookshop was that there is very little walking space, owing to the fact that books are also kept on the floor (by the way, this is where most of the good deals lie). Oh, and they put these absolutely humongous stickers on the high-discount books, totally disfiguring the front covers. Weird, if you ask me. And wicked.

So in the end I returned home, empty-handed. No wait, I was carrying some of sister dear’s stuff. ;)

By the way, my sister’s learnt this really annoying new word, “bleh”. I wonder where she got it from. She’s been using it virtually all the time (in fact, nearly every second word she says) and it’s fairly driving my up the wall.


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