Update: The comments got turned off somehow. Don’t ask me.

Another really long, really abrupt pause (if I can use that here). The board exams came and went and in a few days, the results (yikes) will be coming out. Okay, so just checked the CBSE Results site and class 12 results are out on the 25th! So ours couldn’t be more’n a couple of days away (relatively speaking, that is)!!!

What else? Hmm, nm as I would say if I were chatting right now. Which by the way, I’m not. I’ve somehow lost that oh-so-much interest that I used to have. That could, of course, be because I don’t have Adium.

Oh btw, I have succeeded in relocating my blog (which you must’ve realised if you’re here). Hope the new URL is easier to remember…
And, for those of you who were subscribing to my feed, it’s (duh) changed. I’m also not using Blogger’s feed thingy anymore. So the new URL is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/sahil. Syndicate now!

So, hmm, I can’t remember what else I’ve been doing all this while, because it has been sooo loong. I’ve realised that the only time I feel like writing a blog post, is when I’m not on the computer…weird. Maybe I should get me a laptop.


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