Wait for Sleep

Last night I finally went for the Iron Maiden concert. I didn’t enjoy it that much actually: for some reason, the audience was made to sit on chairs (there were chairs!) and the crowd was quite unenthusiastic — no one was singing and only a few of them picked up after I started …

When I got back home (I suppose it must’ve been quite late), I was somewhat unsettled to find my elder [cousin] brother messing around on my computer (how did he know the password?!). Apparently, he was trying to copy Office 2007 from my portable hard drive to his. I suppose he needed it on his computer back home.

Do you often dream when you’re asleep? Are your dreams very vivid and detailed, or do they have a prevailing sense of unreality so that you know that you’re dreaming? Do you dream in colour? When I was small(er), I though everyone did, but it turns out that some people dream in black and white. Do you think that dreams are fairly random, or that they are portents of fate?