No, really! This is definitely the limit! For, let me see, four days now, I have been unable to visit any blogspot.com blog! This has, you know, been highly irritating, ‘cause I can’t see my own blog and neither can I go to others - and even the feeds don’t work. Till today, I didn’t know why this was happening - I thought that maybe it was some problem with the blogspot servers or something…

But the real reason (or what seems to be the real reason) is dumb - just plain dumb. It seems that the Ministry of Communication of the Government of India has banned all these blogs, for some unknown reason. So, because of said unknown reason, all of us innocent people have to be denied the pleasure of visiting blogs!


It’s absurd! People tell me that it’s been done because of other people posting about the Reservation thingy! What about the Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression and all that? And anyway, just because some people have been posting about it doesn’t mean that each and every blog should be banned just like that!
I hope they’ll get over it soon.

Anyway, while blogs have been inaccessible, I’ve been doing…well, nothing, actually. Though I did find some interesting sites recently, some time ago and I Stumbled Upon a few, too (this makes it sound as though I’ve found tons - but really, there are only around 5-6).

  1. TuneSleeve: This is a nice program for iTunes. What it does is, it searches Amazon.com for Album Art that is missing from your library and lets you choose among some nice images.
  2. The Song Tapper: I read about this one on a blog. Basically, you tap a song using your keyboard and it searches its database and tells you which song you've tapped. I was pretty sceptical about it at first, but it actually works!
  3. byokal: This is a 'toy' made by this guy. Drag 'n' drop these images on to this image and you get to see a kaleidoscopic thing on the bigger image. (Just try it out, I know I'm not making much sense)
  4. Snipurl: Trouble remembering URLs that are too long? Snip them! I saw this one in a magazine.

Oh, and I downloaded the release candidate of Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 - though I haven’t tried it out yet.

And today was the first stayback for DPS MUN - and after a lot of debating, I didn’t stay back. I spent the whole of the last period thinking about it - that’s 40 minutes of pondering over two words (Yes and No).Now I’m wondering if I should have stayed back after all. And a blighter in my German class broke my glasses, so till seven o’clock I had to do without them.

N.B. I completely forgot to mention - blogs can be visited by going to pkblogs.com. I’m also trying out a program called ‘Tor’ to accomplish the same thing, though I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet.
Oh, and the shoutbox seems to have gone on strike. I’m thinking of applying for a new one, what say you?

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