Typist’s block?

The words… they refuse to appear!

I stare blankly at the screen. The screen’s brightness is off – I can literally see my face on it. That must be it!

I fumble, hoping to catch at least one of the words from a few moments ago. Nope, the night is as luckless as it is wordless.

I look down at the keyboard. I look up at the fan. My mind wanders around the barren room.

Why can’t I write a single creative word when I’m at a computer? Everyone else can! Why do I have to draft everything using a pencil and a piece of paper?

Several minutes pass. The air conditioner valiantly rumbles on, oblivious to the standstill inside my head.

I give up.

Graphite beats silicon yet again.

MacBook Pro – 0, Staedtler – 1
MacBook Pro – 0, Staedtler – 1

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