The coldest place on Earth

I shiver, instinctively wrapping my arms around around myself. Where’s the tissue?

I look around. Everyone else is covered in thick jackets. The couple sitting behind me is buried in a blanket with only their eyes peeking out. They seem all right.

I fish some tissues out of my pocket and wipe my nose. Pulling my jacket tighter, I try to not let myself be distracted by the cold.

It doesn’t work. Tendrils of cold have somehow found their way through my shoes and socks into my toes. Despite many layers of clothing, my face is still exposed. I’m convinced that the tips of my ears are beginning to freeze.

I rub my hands to keep them warm. I can see the others shivering, but they look ahead. They’ve given in to the cold years ago; it no longer surprises them.

Another blast of cold air assails me from behind. I have nothing more to cover myself with! I ball myself up in a futile attempt to limit how much of my body is exposed.

Two hours later, I step out of the movie theatre into another humid Singapore evening.

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