So, not many people did not know that there was an Apple event on 12 September where they were going to release some exciting new products, of which the iMac Core 2 Duo was not a part.

Yesterday, I switched on my computer with some excitement, as I had no idea what was to have been released. Only that when I went to the Apple site, I realized that the event had not even taken place! (well, obviously India is in a totally different and useless time zone).

Okay, so there are the updated version of the iPods which have been released - and they are really cool! I mean, all right, it ain’t the iPhone and it ain’t a touch-screen iPod, but hey the new iPods look really sweet! First of all, there’s the new iPod Shuffle which is about the size of half your palm (depending on how big your hand is) and at $79 for 1GB, it’s really good!

Next we come to the Nano. It replaced the Mini last year and was the iPod I wanted. Now it comes five different colours (black, silver, pink, green, blue), has a new 8 GB model and a new design (similar to the Mini’s, except it’s thinner).

The 5G Video iPod has also been updated (well, obviously). It now has a whopping big 80GB model, which inicidentally is the same size as the old 60GB one.

The new iPods also have brighter displays, much better battery life (24 hrs for the Nano) and sync with the iTunes Store to download movies, and games too.

There’s also iTunes 7. Well, they’ve changed the looks a bit and I don’t really like them, plus the logo’s got a blue musical note instead of a green one. Check all these things out at the Apple site.

So long, and thanks for all the patience,
– Sahil :)


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