One Month

Well, I seriously never expected that I’d not post for over a month! But, I dunno, we had exams and all, and for some reason, although I did come on the computer, I neither felt like chatting, nor posting on my blog for some reason.

Anyway, the exams were okay, not by far the best (or even close to it) that I’ve ever given, but who cares? I mean, it ain’t even getting added anywhere. These exams were also the ones during which I slept the latest (I sleep late at night rather than get up early in the morning). And surprisingly, my maths exam went off quite well. Our teacher corrected the papers even before the exams finished.

We’ve got holidays now - although that didn’t quite stop our biology teacher from giving us homework to be done now, two weeks before the exams had started. I’m really not in the mood of making stupid practical files.

We also had this really pointless MCQ Exam. They called us to school two hours before it started. ‘Most everyone succeeded in solving the exam in round about half an hour, not that it really mattered, ‘cause it didn’t stop them keeping us in school for another hour after that. And of course, it wasn’t the world’s easiest exam, so I just chose ‘B’ where I didn’t know the answers.

Our Principal had this really awesome idea of calling us for an assembly before our maths exam started. Then this rep from UNO came and then we took this pledge to fight poverty; the pledge was really long, we had to repeat whatever P said, and when it finished, as was wont to happen, all the sixthies started repeating the next few lines, too.

I’ve been sleeping a lot ever since the exams finished. I woke up at 12:30 today (not the latest I’ve ever woken up, by the way).

Damn, I’m feeling so bored (and thus inflicting this boredom on you)…I’m also using Firefox 2 (Release Candidate). It’s not that great, in fact I don’t like the ‘improved’ tab-browsing…IE7 is also here…

Anyway, tschüs for now. When I get in the mood, I’ll post again (or maybe update this one only). I’m pretty certain I’ve forgotten something.

And tell me how many of you have fonts from the Lucida family on your computer. Especially people not running XP.

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