One long German test

Well, in our school at any rate, German is supposed to be the easiest third- and therefore, second-language that one can take. Me, I disagree. And so would any other tenthy or ninthy. Honestly, if German can be said to be easy, it’s only because the level of German in our school is really low – which means that an eigthy knows about as much German as an eight-year old German. And anyway, German was only scoring (was because it isn’t scoring any more) because the syllabus wasn’t much, the paper wasn’t long and one didn’t study in each and every German class.

Now, German is exceedingly tough. As a language, at any rate, it seems to me to be loads more complex (as I’ve already mentioned before). And the papers no longer seem to be too short. See, normally, a German test can be completed in 20 minutes and an exam in, say, around half an hour to 45 minutes. But on Monday (last Monday, that is) we had this special German test which took a whopping one hour to complete (which, in case you haven’t noticed, is even more than the time taken to complete an exam). And, of course, the marks we got were inversely proportional to the time taken to complete the paper. The paper consisted of 3 essays and 2 comprehension passages. Questions in the comprehension passage all had answers of 2 lines, and were all of 3-4 marks each!

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