On my mind

  1. All the people I want to, no need to talk to. Some conversations are way overdue.
  2. Red Cross AGM report.
  3. Stupid IA log book. (We have to write a log book?! It’s like being in school, sheesh)
  4. CSC301 Programming Languages past-year paper solution, which I so wisely gave my name for solving.
  5. All the open tabs on my browser that I want to read.
  6. The new Artemis Fowl! Why are books so expensive abroad?
  7. New blog. Well technically, new home for this blog. And bye bye, Blogger.
  8. Work.
  9. Weekends are too short.
  10. Regularity is simultaneously helpful and mundane. And tiring.
  11. A lot of pending blog posts.
  12. Worrying about sleeping on time is rather depressing.
  13. #1 is actually on my mind quite a bit, I realize.
  14. So is all the Red Cross related stuff.
  15. Gah!

PS: Dreary days make me want to listen to music and go off somewhere. Preferably both.

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