Of rains and Tata Skies

So, I was watching TV, when all of a sudden, the channels start showing a lot of disturbance. I wait a few seconds, because I think I know what’s going on and, sure enough, a few seconds later my Tata Sky pops up with this:

The Set-Top-Box is unable to receive a signal. Press ‘select’ to view another channel or ‘help’ to …

Whatever. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it’s raining outside and although that’s excellent, what the heck, I was watching something on TV, wasn’t I? So I decide. Since I basically don’t have anything else to do (our holidays just started!) I call up the Tech Sup guys – because I know some people whose Tata Sky does work in the rain – and tell them to make the flaming thing work. The guy at the other end makes me check some stuff and tell him what I see, which convinces him that, in fact, the STB is not working. I tell him it’s raining and this always happens when it rains, so could it be because of that, but he says it’s possible, but it shouldn’t happen all the time. Then he (very politely) asks me if I could go to my terrace and check the dish out. I tell him no (duh, it’s raining. Plus, my dish is on this elevated part of the terrace, to which I’m in no mood to drag my lazy feet).

Anyway, the TS guy’s pretty helpful and, instead of telling me he’ll send a bunch of guys to fix it, he tells me how to do it on my own (thank god, those guys charge a premium just to see what the matter is). So, hopefully, soon after I feel like checking the dish, it should work. Yeah!

NOTE: While I was typing this, I was also checking my feeds and it turns out G also has the same problem. Oh, well.

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