Moving to Antarctica sounds like a fabulous plan right about now

It’s 39 degrees.
In March.
Thirty nine degrees. In March.
What is happening?!

And more importantly, if it’s already thirty nine degrees, what’ll happen in May?

And apparently, it was snowing in Dallas the other day.

I’m melting.

Do you watch American Idol? This is actually the first time I’m following it (in a manner of speaking) and yesterday I saw this amazing performance of Paint It Black by Siobhan Magnus. You just have to watch it. Trust me.

Printers, you see, are generally quite annoying. My printer (so far, at least) has been quite well-behaved, considering it’s several years old. So of course, I just had to do something that would put a black mark against it, and last week presented me with the perfect opportunity.

You know how annoying it is when you try to cancel a print job in Windows? It almost never works, and then you can’t even print anything else until you log off and log on again. So I thought I’d found the perfect solution when I saw this Lifehacker article. Just download the batch code, run it and — et voila! — print jobs cancelled! Great, right?


I downloaded the script to my desktop, ran it, figured something was fishy in it’s delete confirmation message and hence chose “No” and what do I get? Some random files from my desktop simply vanished before my eyes! [Yes, I blinked, just in case. Didn’t help.] None of the recovery programs I tried worked. Thank you so very much.

[NOTE: Lifehacker has since updated that post - there was an error in the script - so you can safely download it and it might (gasp) actually work]

I’ve started working! As a web developer for a company. True, the work isn’t much and it’s mostly from home, but it’s fun nevertheless. Apparently, someone’s going to be buying an electric guitar very soon.

Which reminds me, it’s been just over 2 years since I first got my guitar. And although I can play fairly well technique-wise, I know precious few songs. Hmm. Must … do … something … about … that.

Blogger is annoying. It turns out that the embedded comment form doesn’t work in many mobile browsers. And it’s templating system is too restrictive. And all the changes they bring out are so late. I mean, they rolled out the Pages feature now. Wordpress has had it for aeons. I want my own hosted Wordpress.


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