Lifehacker: Shortcut Screencast Contest

I know, another rather long hiatus, partly due to my Mumbai trip, and partly for no reason at all ;) . Another post describing my (very) (un)memorable trip is due, but here’s what just happened:

Most techies would have heard of the site Lifehacker. I began reading it some time back (it’s quite useful; you don’t really need to be a techy to read it - and it’s also one of my favourite sites as of now). Anyway, so they recently announced this Shortcut screencast contest where you send a screencast of a quick way you know of doing something on your computer, and if they like it, you get a prize (they had ten prizes to give away).

So I sent my entry a few days back - I thought it was quite good, but I didn’t have that much hope since it was my first ever screencast and it didn’t come out too well. Plus, the same day as I submitted my entry, someone else won. But - you know where this is going - I WON!!

Here’s the screencast I sent:

Or you can check out the Lifehacker page here.

Anyway, I was left a bit confused when they didn’t ask me my address (how the hell would they send me the book?). So I wrote to them and got an answer in 20 minutes flat (talk about speed). I sent my address, and now I hope I get the book soon. Really soon.

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