Will he? Or won't he?

It’s like a dream come true - NADAL lost. On clay. In the French Open. In the fourth round. Nadal lost, did I mention? Yes, Nadal. It’s like so ZOMGWOW! =D If Federer still somehow manages to make a hames of it when Nadal has been ever so nice to have handed him the keys, then as one of my friends said, he probably doesn’t deserve it anyway :P. He hasn’t been playing all that well and nearly gave us a scare in his five-setter today. Oh! that reminds me, check out this awesome video of Federer playing air guitar (well, kind of).

Which reminds me of this (largely) unrelated advertisement of Intel’s Rockstars.

I can’t see tennis on my TV though! It is so annoying. I have this Tata Sky and most of the channels can’t be seen on it due to some crappy reception problem … all I get is noise and fuzz. I watched the match (or part thereof) today on the official Roland Garros website, with the Live Radio thing turned on. It was quite fun actually, except the radio and scoreboard were out of sync eyeroll.


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