It all started when the internet stopped working

Sometime last week, my internet stopped working in the middle of the night. Apparently the phone was dead. You know why? Because someone, in a stroke of genius, decided that it would be a rather neat idea to walk off with MTNL’s telephone cables. Yes, seriously, telephone cables which – of all things – I have no idea why anyone would bother to steal. Maybe it was to prove that telephones cannot in fact work without them. We knew that already, thank you very much.

Shortly after that, my cellphone stopped working. But it didn’t just stop working, you see. First its balance went into the negative (this was probably because I was using it to check my email as a consequence of the aforementioned catastrophe). Then my free SMSes finished. When I finally got it recharged and realized that the GPRS wasn’t working, I tried to restart it. I got as far as switching it off, but that’s when it refused to switch on again.

I mean, what the heck? It was working perfectly, and I’ve never done anything to it (well, barring cracking its screen by letting my guitar fall on it) and now it’s reduced to the state of a fancy paperweight? Gadgets these days, I tell you.

Meanwhile, my internet started working at the rather strange cost of my other landline. This was promptly followed by my drawing room AC and computer room AC loudly proclaiming that it was indeed a little too hot. They protested by conking off (for all intents and purposes) in rapid succession and my bedroom AC tried to join in by making the strangest noises ever, accompanied by very suspicious odours from its stabilizer.

Then my landline started working while I discovered that the old mobile phone I was using in place of my comatose one had a talktime of practically 20 minutes, which basically removed any meaning of the word “mobile” from it.

Oh, and I also found that my house is infested with termites. Enchanting. Especially since they seem to like my room a whole lot. The trouble is, I do too and I’d really rather not have my cupboard door coming off in my hands the next time I open it.

Well, this does explain why I sense a larger number of earthquakes than my friends. (Image from <a href=''>Para Abnormal</a>)
Well, this does explain why I sense a larger number of earthquakes than my friends. (Image from Para Abnormal)

Oh and then (you didn’t think this was over, did you?) – the other night at 4 am, as I was searching for the realms of Sleep, I was suddenly made to (very very hastily) exit my room. My AC, in its attempt to one-up the others, decided it would try to make the stabilizer catch fire. The orange glow under my desk and a freakish number of huge orange sparks was quite a good attempt in my opinion.

And that, is all. Who knows what the future may behold?

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