1. I have exams - in approximately 14 hours. And I’ve realised that no matter how much time I get to prepare, I always end up studying till the last minute. Sheesh.

  2. My internet has suddenly become considerably slower. I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with this. And Firefox has been acting weirdly too. It won’t let me open my Google Reader, won’t let me watch YouTube videos and it starts loading websites, then forgets all about it in the middle. It’s probably ‘cause of the baggage its been carrying from previous installations.

  3. Some incredibly stupid birds have succeeded in building a nest on top of my AC. This would have been quite alright, since I don’t mind birds as such, except that they make an insane amount of noise throughout the day (and night). And I’m supposed to be studying *eyeroll*.

  4. I’ve realised that I can’t listen to music during exams, for the simple reason that if I do, then whenever I’m studying, these songs start roaming around in my head. You try learning Chemistry equations with Metallica’s The Unforgiven playing in the jukebox section of your brain :P.

  5. It’s irritating that I have to study a whole lot of stuff that I’ll never need to know. They should have a system in which we’re allowed to choose exactly the subjects we want and learn stuff that we’ll actually need in our future careers, rather than messing around with a pile of tosh.

  6. I hope Federer wins. It’ll be incredibly irksome if he doesn’t.

  7. I finally managed to get a new string and a couple of picks for my guitar. It doesn’t help that I’m not much closer to becoming good at it, though.

Oh, and watch the Federer Rolex ad - it’s pretty cool:


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