Woot! I finally, finally, finally have unlimited internet! :D After nearly 3 years of having to labour under the strain of a 400 MB connection, this feels pretty amazing. Granted, the new plan is somewhat slower, but I do think I can bear it :). Now I don’t have to keep worrying every time I click a download link and I won’t need to scratch my head in puzzlement when Dad shows me the previous month’s phone bill.

As some of you might be knowing, I went on a short getaway-holiday to a hill-station called Lansdowne. We stayed in this quaint place called the Fairydale Resort, which was unbelievably hard to find (or maybe that was because we were searching at 1.30 at night). It was quite enjoyable and wayy better than hill stations like say, Nainital even though we had yet another insect crisis.

On another note, the French Open’s going on (Federer, Federer!!) and Tata Sky has been kind enough to sneakily remove all the sports channels from my TV. To top it all off, their representatives seem to be avoiding my calls >:(

Oh drat! That reminds me that I’m supposed to check out if their site can be of any help.


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