If no one buys a ticket to a movie, do they still show it?

You can credit that three-week drought to my general laziness and a lack of any Grand Blogging Ideas. Incidentally, there seems to be a real drought waiting to happen, thanks to the monsoon’s complete refusal to making its presence felt. Perhaps somebody should get hold of that Rain God chap from Hitchhiker’s. Heat, of course, means power cuts, and power cuts mean heat, which in turn exponentially increases my inertia of rest. We got a new inverter recently since the old one was on its deathbed. Unfortunately, the new one is more like a power-crazy megalomaniac — it seizes every opportunity to switch itself on and pretends it can’t tell the difference between the electricity fluctuating and actually going away. Or at least, it did, until the repairguy came, gave it a look that probably turned the acid in its batteries to water and then walked off. It’s been most well-behaved since then.

Have you ever had an embarrassing conversation on the phone? Like the other day, one of my relatives called up and said ‘Hi Sahil’ in exactly the same way as one of my teacher’s (I’d been expecting that teacher’s call) and I began blabbering to him and he just pretended and didn’t even correct me! Or this time when I called Shayeri in the middle of her medical exams and we spoke for like five minutes before I slowly realised that something was wrong (she thought I was somebody else, which made me wonder if I’d actually dialed the right number and if I should just slam the receiver down and pretend nothing happened and what the heck was going on?!) Caller ID, I ask you.

I finally got my Tata Sky repaired. It’s been giving trouble for a very long time — I even had to watch the French Open final in a friend’s house (Federer WON, zomgwoohoo!). Anyway, it’s working loads better than it did even the day it was fixed so yay! And it took this repairguy also only about 4 minutes to fix it! (Incidentally, resetting the DigiComp thing is the Most Complicated Resetting-thing ever; it requires at least 4 hands. They also don’t tell you beforehand that it’s not actually going to make any difference, other than conveniently erasing all your Favourites). Anyway, it’s interesting how there always used to be interesting programs on all the channels that didn’t work, but now that rarely seems to happen. So I’ve been watching all these movies — Zodiac (pretty cool detective thriller), Flyboys (I wanna learn how to fly!), How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (lame, really), Wall-E (kind of cute, although the day robots begin to emote, I’ll probably run as fast as I can), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (another good one worth watching, even though I’m not much of an X-Men fan) and … Flight 666! (like finally, after the stupid PVR fiasco). It’s quite awesome too, although I doubt non-metalheads will dig.

Michael Jackson just died today. OMG. I’ve never been a fan, but still. He was only 50, too. MTV and Vh1 seem to be doing a marathon tribute. (English music on MTV?!)

As for the title, do they? I suppose it never really happens in the big cinemas?

P.S. Don’t eat McDonald’s new Chicken McNuggets. They’re yuck.

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