Hit the Floor

Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory and Meteora are so good. They bring back many memories – the first audio CD I owned, the start of discovering the heavier side of music, arguing whether In the End was better than Somewhere I Belong way back in class six, the first time I obsessively read liner notes and lyrics (hah iTunes, there are some things you can never match!), drawing the LP logo during the Computers class in school…

Good times.

Linkin Park was probably the first band that I ever became a fan of, too. This eventually waned though, thanks in large part to Iron Maiden and Minutes to Midnight.

PS: I love it when one of my friends turns out to be a Linkin Park fan and we start singing/rapping stuff like A Place for My Head out of the blue.

PPS: Rainy days were made for listening to music.

PPPS: It rains too much in Singapore.


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