Have I been busy or have I been busy?

And you thought this blog was already dead.

I’ve been soo busy the past week (and a few days) what with the DPS MUN website and making a website for a competition and whatnot that I’ve not even been able to visit my blog much, leave alone posting about all the things I’ve wanted to (obviously, you must’ve noticed that bit).

Recently I went to Tagore International for a competition (Digital Photography) and (very surprisingly) came first. The topic was a very absurd one - “Happiness” or “Friendship” and we had to take the photographs in the rain. Yesterday, I went to BVN, and never have I been to a more disorganised place. Besides having me sauntering around most of their school (to find where the competition was) before somebody directed me to back where I’d started, they also made us wait in the heat for three hours before starting the competition, following which the electricity went as soon as I’d inserted my CD into the drive. Tomorrow, by the way, we have a German test, which (as I’ve already mentioned) is not something to grin about. So, I think I’d better wrap it up, read my 28 new emails and 283 new newsfeed items, do something about the 44 tabs which I have open (a mind-boggling occurrence) and then go off and study (ew, what a boring prospect!).

Chalo then, if I remember something I’ve forgotten (the latter more likely than the former) I’ll post about it. For now, ‘tis time to be gone.

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