For those of you who didn't know... (Part II)

…I’m in Norway.

I’m here on exchange at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU for short, which is a little bit like NTU with an extra N). I wanted to write all about going on exchange before I left, but somehow things always end up snowballing when I decide to do so before I leave: I had to cancel my tickets because of a delayed visa and then sit on packed suitcases endlessly waiting for someone from NTNU, the Danish embassy in Singapore, the Norwegian embassy in Delhi, Norway’s immigration authority, and/or Cox & Kings to tell me what was going on. One fine Friday finally found me procuring my passport, seizing my suitcases and jumble of jackets, and suddenly being seated in front of a rather advanced in-flight entertainment system with a remote control that doubled as a phone. This was soon followed by my saying things like “Well actually, it isn’t all that cold here” and then promptly catching the flu.

Oh, well. The Road goes ever on and on.

The view from my room's window. Snow <em>and</em> red houses!
The view from my room's window. Snow and red houses!

PS: Why does time fly so fast?

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