'Fifteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest and a Bottle of Rum!'

This is the second time I’m typing this whole thing out. Really, it’s too much. The electricity has gone for over 3 hours today. It goes each and every time when I have time to do something on the computer. And of course, the UPS can only show it’s total lack of being uninterrupted…

Well, okay, if you want to be really technical about it, not quite fifteen men and not quite just a single bottle of rum.

So, finally, after long waiting, I saw the movie. And, to my surprise, I didn’t get blown up, what with all the terrorists being around and all. And we were sitting in the very second row from the front - not very nice. I had thought that since the movie’s been here for like a month, everyone should have seen it by now - obviously not.

Anyway, so, on the whole, the movie was, I suppose, quite good. The acting, as always, (especially Johnny Depp’s) was superb. And, of course, the wisecracks were there, though I don’t think they were quite as many as in the first movie.

Besides that, the story was OK - it seemed to be, at some points of time, a mixture of a load of other stories like Treasure Island and all. And the creatures in Davy Jones’ army were a tad more grotesque than need be - actually they were quite repulsive and sick-looking. Oh, and, those who didn’t like the dirty teeth in the first movie get a load more sets of dirty teeth to not like. And you’re better off not thinking much about the euphemisms in the tribal island part.

All in all, not a movie you’d watch while eating your dinner, for more reasons than one. But it was OK, except it ended on a rather abrupt note, and the ending was entirely spoilt by a) Sushant Tandon and b) a newspaper article which mentioned that Geoffrey Rush was part of the cast…whoops! (shouldn’t I have mentioned “spoiler warning”?).

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