Eoin Annoyed

Okay, so this isn’t quite everything I wanted to say about Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony - in all probability, I still am going to say a lot more about it sometime soon. I just guessed that not quite everyone I knew who likes the series had read the latest book.
Well, anyway, I bought the hardcover version of the book which, when I bought it, was the only one that existed here. It looks really nice with its silver cover and red-lettering. The back cover doesn’t really tell you much - but what you do notice is that Eoin Colfer’s finally realised that no one who doesn’t know him well can get his name right (and probably, many people who do know him well can’t get it either). So the book’s cover mentions twice that ‘Eoin’ is pronounced as ‘Owen’ with one of the mentions also carrying the comment ‘Not as difficult as it looks, is it?’

Anyway, today was another holiday - and tomorrow’s going to be a holiday too. That makes a total of four surprise holidays. It’s getting a bit too much now, especially with Exun and the German Exchange Assembly coming up.

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