“Elementary, my dear Watson – it's Hollywood!”

With that — and my love for the The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes — put out of the way, I have to (no, really) say that Sherlock Holmes turned out to be a pretty great movie. It’s true that they pretty much reinvented every character — heck they have Irene Adler in it, as a femme fatale and Holmes’ love interest (Sherlock Holmes in love?) — but it still has more than its fair share of ‘Oooh’s and ‘Aaah’s.

I arrived late arrived quite early but entered the cinema hall late (gallantry should be outlawed) consequently missing a whole minute of cinematography, but considerably lesser of significance (or so I tell myself). The good thing about the story is that the main plot has been completely pulled out of thin air — and it’s pretty good. Thankfully, they didn’t try to adapt one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, which would’ve been disastrous given all the reinventions, to say the least.

Ah, yes. <em>The</em> woman.
Ah, yes. The woman.

Oh just by the way, I did not like whoever plays Mary Morstan. Don’t ask me why.

And Robert Downey Jr’s fingers are way too think for any kind of violin playing. The violin on the score was a nice touch, though.

Basically, if you haven’t already, then go watch it! And leave that copy of Ballantine’s Sherlock Holmes behind.

PS: DT’s intermissions are OMG-the-movie-is-back-get-your-stupid-cappuccino-and-Diet-Coke-quick! too short.

Yes, I’m back. This is my new abrupt style of not giving pointless explanations for blog negligence.

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