Shrewsbury Summer

I went to Pune! For a holiday. I mean, okay, Switzerland would’ve been much better, but still. And it’s funny how I always write Pune but read it in my head as Poona.

The weather was awesome. The day temperature was 26 degrees. Day temperature!

The SpiceJet cabin crew did a very good job of pretending I was invisible. The air hostess also thought that my sister’s name was Govind. The air craft had funny odd instructions all over. Since I was sleep-deprived, I took photos of them. We also read all the jokes in the May Reader’s Digest and kept randomly laughing.

You should visit the Aga Khan Palace. Preferably when it’s drizzling. The automan will ask for 60 bucks from Pune Central to the Palace — a 7-minute ride. Even though your eyes will almost fall out you’ll give it to him, knowing it’s much cheaper than the Poona Darshan, which is useless anyway and for which, had you gone the following day, you would’ve got stuck in amongst the cats and dogs falling from the sky.

We also saw The Hangover. It was hilarious. Dunno why some people didn’t like it.

Oh and, you have to buy Shrewsbury Biscuits. From Kayani Bakery. They’re heaven. You might as well not come back if you haven’t.

Photo by <a href=''>saanjaybhatia</a>
Photo by saanjaybhatia

And I found Iron Maiden’s Powerslave. Completely by accident. I went to this Planet M for something and got to flipping through the Maiden discs and boom — there it was. I’ve been looking for three years. Epic win, yeah! \m/.

N.B. The “new” domestic airport is pretty nice. They even have KFC! They also have “a new delhi everyday” printed on all the glass doors. I still don’t know what it means.

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