Beast over Bangalore

It’s been really long since I’ve known this - just never got around to posting about it (especially since it wasn’t exactly good news from my point of view). Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, for those of you didn’t know, Eddie is coming to India!

It was just recently that I was wondering - without much hope - how cool it would be if Iron Maiden came to India (without much hope because when you live here, you don’t dream that such things could actually happen). And then, when I came to know that they were coming, I got all excited, but then I saw this:

See what I mean? First of all, for some unbelievably stupid reason they’re playing in Bangalore of all places, and secondly it’s smack-in-the-middle of our boards! Really sad … because it’s gonna be great - they’re air-freighting 20 tonnes of equipment for the concert, including a whole stage (thus turning hopeless dreams into reality :) ).

They recently played in Dubai - the highlight of which was that they brought a whole freakin’ tank to the concert!

Anyway, I hope it comes on TV at least …

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