So, finally, I’ve succumbed to my wish of having a personal blog. I mean to say, I’m part of a team blog too, but, like you know, there are some things which one can’t go about writing on a blog like that. Well, for your information, this ain’t my first personal blog either, but it is the one I intend to continue with (unlike the other ones I ditched :D ).
Normally, a person would put some stuff about himself in a first post, but I hate “About Me”s so I’m not gonna do it. I just can never think of something to say for a thing like that (see my profile to get what I mean :) ).

So keep checking for updates - Subscribe to my feed (the link is in the sidebar too)
The design of this blog I’ve made myself, but it isn’t even near completion - I’m feeling a bit lazy as of now - I guess I’ll complete it sometime soon. The shoutbox needs to be done, the item page stuff needs to be changed, etc, etc……


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