Acronym day

The other day, I woke up in my NTU room in sunny SG, all ready for an interview later that afternoon. Taking the CR-R bus past NIE to the LWN bus stop made me realise it was a little too sunny though, a fact underscored by my progressively soaking shirt. I had originally planned to travel by the MRT, but while sitting in SBS Transit’s bus 179 and passing by the SCBE, RTP, WKWSCI, HSS and other buildings, I decided instead to head to JP. Reaching there, I made a beeline for G2K and bought another shirt (or two, actually, thanks to a sale and my dearth of fitted shirts).

I quickly hailed a cab. I can’t remember if we took the PIE or AYE, but unlike most cab drivers, at least this one didn’t ask me which route to take. Driving past a lot of HDB neighbourhoods, we soon reached the location. It was quite close to I2R – the place I’d been working with for my FYP (which thanks to SCE’s mismanagement, turned out to be wildly different from the original one I’d applied for).

After the interview, I had some coffee and cake at Starbucks (so ex!). I joined some friends and we all went for S’s birthday to Boat Quay (which houses a lot of nice restaurants, bars, and cafés in the CBD). A bit of unwinding at CQ followed, and soon it was time to sleep.

P.S. This is just the tip of Singapore’s acronym iceberg.

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