Aaand ... *drumroll*

In yet another unexpected (or largely so, I’m sure) turn of events, I’m back! It feels really odd to be writing a blog post after so long - my last post was more than (zomg!) nine months ago! As surprising as it might not be, a lot of stuff has happened since that fateful day. However, unlike previous times, I’m not going to make any promises of some day being able to write all about it :P.

School finished with a bit of a bang (or anti-bang, if to you ‘bang’ evokes positive imagery). I had board exams for a month (the actual exams, not the everlasting run-up to them), right after which sis had college exams for a month (!) and now hers have finished, I have another exam this weekend. Sheesh. It just never seems to finish.


PS. Yes, I know the design is unsurprisingly incomplete.

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