8-bit Games certainly are fun

Well, as Diggi says, 8-bit games are fun. I mean, all right, forget the graphics, but there really is something catchy about them. I’m really not going to start harping on about 8-bit games, whatever you need to know can be found out here.
What I did want to say is that some time ago, I found loads of these games on my computer. Their average size being no more than 250 KB (yes, kilobytes :D ), I’ve decided that if you want them, you’ve only got to ask. Here’s a complete list of all the ones I have:

(N.B. ‘Punch_0’ is same as Mike Tyson, and ‘ULTRBASE’ is in Japanese)

Of course, being NES games, you’ll need a NES emulator to play them. I suggest you head to Emulator Zone’s NES Emulators page and grab one. I’m using FCE Ultra right now - it’s pretty decent, but if you use it, you’ll need to set the controls (the defaults don’t work properly and the controls for the turbo buttons aren’t set by default).

Anyway, we still have one exam left (sad, I know). Fortunately, its German, unfortunately, German’s no longer the easiest subject that many people imagine it to be. I mean, all right, the level of learning German in our school is much lower than that of French, but as a language, it’s a lot more complex. This, is mainly due to cases (nominative, accusative, dative, etc) or rather, the numerous ways a sentence has to be changed in order to make it agree with the case. The syllabus is also (very) misleading - it is, after all, three words. The unfortunate part starts when you realise that those three words are ‘everything’, ‘is’ and ‘coming’.
Right now, I’m feeling jealous of the people for whom the exams have already ended (in other words, those who are exempted from the last exam due to the JSTS interview - the lucky pigs people).

So then,
– Sahil.

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